Thank you for stopping by my campaign website. This campaign is about connecting with people and earning their vote. I am a door to door guy who believes in reaching people by direct, personal, one to one contact. Many evenings are spent pounding the pavement and meeting people in places from North Sioux City to Worthing. I hope you enjoy getting to know me better and learning more about my stands on issues through this medium. I would appreciate your vote on November 6th.


About Jim

Jim Bolin was born on December 31, 1950 in Portland, Oregon to Warren and Jean Bolin. On his father's side, Jim is the grandson of Swedish immigrants, as his grandfather was born near Stockholm. On his mother's side (the Read's) Jim is a direct descendant of George Read of Delaware, one of only six people to sign both the Declaration of Independence and the current United States constitution. The Read's were of Scotch–Irish descent, coming to the United States in the 1700's. (To learn more of this little known group and their impact on our history, the book "Born Fighting" by current United States senator James Webb, is highly insightful.)

Jim attended Portsmouth Grade School and Roosevelt High School. In 1973 he graduated from Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington earning a degree in history and becoming a certified teacher and coach.

After working in the Seattle area, Jim decided to teach overseas in Swaziland, a small nation in Southern Africa. He taught at the Mankayane High School, a boarding school in the rural area of the nation. While there he became acquainted with Ruth Mielke, another teacher. Jim and Ruth were married when they returned to the United States and in 1981 they began work at another boarding school, this time in South Dakota, at the Sunshine Bible Academy, near Miller. Jim taught history, government, and coached a variety of sports. After four years at SBA, Jim and Ruth spent one year teaching in Minnesota before returning to their adopted state, so that Jim could work on his M.A. degree in history at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. After completing his coursework, he accepted a position in Canton as a history teacher and coach. The Bolin family has lived continuously in Canton for the last twenty five years. Jim served as the athletic director in Canton from 1996–2007. In April, 2007 he was elected to the Canton city commission receiving 76% of the votes. He was re-elected as a city commissioner after the city voters changed the form of government. His fellow commissioners then elected him as the mayor of Canton. In 2008 and 2010 Jim was elected by the voters of Lincoln and Union Counties to represent them in the state legislature. In 2011 he was named to the Appropriations Committee. Bolin has been married for thirty three years to Ruth and has two adult sons, Christopher and Benjamin, both graduates of Canton High School. Both of Jim's sons are married.

Governing Principles

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One. Promote Energy Independence
Our society must escape the grasp of foreign oil suppliers. We must find and develop domestic sources of petroleum. Our energy policy must include increased domestic drilling and the additional use of petroleum in ANWR and other domestic locations. Ethanol must also be a key component of our energy future. The current administration in Washington is committed to a war on coal and other domestic resources. This should not be continued.
Two. Resist Obamacare
Jim opposes Obamacare and has consistently spoken out against it and its implementation in our state. Our state should not be involved with its implementation and therefore he has opposed SB 38 and 43. Jim is also opposed to the possible expansion of Medicaid in our state as these increased costs will only crowd out money for other needed and vital programs for our state.
Three. Maintain Our Pro-Business Climate
Jim will work to preserve the pro-business climate in the state. He will oppose any and all attempts to impose an income tax in the state, corporate or individual. He is also opposed to a raise in the general state sales tax. He will work to maintain the property tax limitation that now governs the potential rise in property taxes each year. With gasoline prices near $4 per gallon, Jim will seek to squeeze government spending before hard working families are asked to give up more of their money.
Four. Second Amendment
Jim is a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment. He has consistently received high marks from the NRA in his election efforts.
Five. Life Issues
Jim is a pro-life candidate. He believes that life begins at conception and should end with natural death. Jim believes that the case of Roe vs. Wade (1973) was wrongly decided. As the father of two boys by the adoption process, the Bolin family has experienced the joys and benefits of this great and wonderful human experience.
Six. Hyperion Energy Center
Jim has attended many meetings in Union county on this subject. After careful reflection, Jim has decided to endorse the proposal, as long as the company meets its stated environmental standards. The proposed energy center has been approved by the Union county planning and zoning board, the county commission and by a vote of the people in the county. Litigation is ongoing and continuing, and the issue now rests with the courts and with the state of South Dakota.
Seven. Referendum # 14
Jim is in favor of Referendum # 14 ( HB1230) which he voted for in 2011. This measure is needed to promote economic growth and expansion in our state. Those who oppose this measure are being very short sighted and seemingly want to celebrate shared economic scarcity. Jim is very supportive of this measure which is actively supported by the business community in our state.
Eight. Referendum # 16
Jim has opposed and will continue to oppose Referred Law # 16 ( HB 1234). This unneeded proposal will not increase educational standards and achievement for our students. It is a top down, big government proposal that will only concentrate more power in Pierre. It is not needed as our schools have higher achievement ratings than the national average and are supported effectively and enthusiastically by virtually every local community in our state. HB 1234 will seriously erode the local control of our schools, the power and authority of local school boards, and will be a bureaucratic night mare. Jim strongly urges voters across the state to vote against this measure.

How can you help?

Jim Bolin needs your help and wants to hear from you. South Dakotan's are proud citizens, full of great ideas, and we want to hear what you have to say. Start by letting us know how you can help. If interested contact Jim Bolin about any of these volunteer possibilities:

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Thank you for your support.

Thanks to the voters in Southeastern South Dakota for twice showing confidence in me by sending me to Pierre. It has been a great honor to serve the people these last 4 years. I am hopeful that my record of diligence and service will again earn your vote in 2012.

Political campaigns cost money. Jim's effort is a low budget, door to door effort. With adequate financial backing Jim will win. He will not be out worked. If you would like to make a donation to help Jim, checks can be sent to the following address:

Backers of Bolin Committee
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Disclaimer: Maximum individual contribution limits are $1000 per person and $2000 per couple per year. Contributions must be made by individuals and not from corporate or business accounts. Contributions of $100 or less will not be itemized on any campaign finance report and will remain private.